SUMMER: Polographia / Sela

South by What? Moving on.. really into this Polographia track. Self-labeled on Soundcloud as ‘Chillwave’, this makes the track sound so throwaway but in fact ‘Righteous Hit’ (in my eyes) is a beautifully-crafted contemporary pop-song. The complex arrangement of those sampled synth layers is all kept together with such a strong but simple vocal melody. 

Polographia - Righteous Hit


Of a similar BPM and I imagine suited listening environment (although possibly a few hours/drinks later in the evening..) is Sela. Its beautifully subtle yet there is substance unlike a lot of the lo-fi chill-wave (vomit!) doing the rounds currently. With my workhead on I would love to pair it with a good early 90’s rap acapella.. you know, when hip-hop was a little less angry. 

Sela - Maya


SUMMER: Blacks&

I’ve waited to the bleakest day of the year to post this. Today in London its raining sideways. A friend put me onto Blacks& and it suddenly feels (sorry to be so cliche) tropical. They’re from LA (obvs) where distortion pedals and shirt buttons are taken at customs. This is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming EP and I for one think its a thing of beauty. 

Blacks& - The Race Is On


2011: Tracks of the Year

1. Macintosh Plus 'リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー'  

2. D/R/U/G/S ‘Unified Field’

3. Love Inks ‘Blackeye’ 

4. Leather 'Relapse'       

5. Holiday Shores 'Spells'

6. New Look 'Janet'

7. The Antlers 'French Exit'  

8. Death Grips 'Spread Eagle Across The Block' 

9. SebastiAn 'Embody' 

10. Ferguson & Geronimo 'Girls With English Accents'   

2011: Albums of the year

1. Death Grips ‘Exmilitary’

2. M83 ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’

3. Dum Dum Girls ‘Only In Dreams’ 

4. Tennis ’Cape Dory’

5. The Antlers ‘Burst Apart’

6. Ferguson & Geronimo ‘Unlearn’

7. Gang Gang Dance ’Eye Contact’

8.  Love Inks 'ESP'

9. SebastiAn ’Total’

10. Girls 'Father, Son and Holy Ghost'

NIGHT: Macintosh Plus


I hate genre names these days, it always feels so desperate, clutching onto something new because you don’t want to be drowned by the decline of ‘sex-wave’.. ANYWHO, today not am I only jumping on the bandwagon with coining such said genres but I’m creating my own. Macintosh Plus have been in my ears for a few weeks now, you can listen to their album via the Beer On The Rug Bandcamp page. Their track ‘リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュータ’ to epitomises everything that ‘Slow-Jam’ should be. The beautifully steady tempo, the waves of analogue layers all topped with the smoothest of vocals. Another track of theirs '花の専門店' is what I can only describe as ‘Skip-hop’ (sorry I know).. but the tracks jumps and builds with short bursts of continuous music before skipping again.. its  frustrating yet satisfying when the track finally comes through. 

Compliments to Rose Quartz for this one. 



After our 2-day ‘Indian Summer’ (thanks Metro!!!!!) I thought I’d share something beautifully summery. I can only describe White Ninja as what I imagine Neon Indian fronted by Jamie Lidell would sound like.. There’s something fragile about the whole sound, like its about to fall apart at any time. EP opener ‘El Alfa’ has been nicely synced to some what I can only describe as ‘office lunch viewing’ visuals. 

NIGHT: Shannon & The Clams

I’m not sure how I feel about music when it sounds and looks more like a remake than just an influential nod but Shannon And The Clams is incredibly infectious so I guess all rules out the window… yeah? Charles from Slow Club put me onto the band and it wasn’t until I googled it myself I realised it was something new(ish). It really could be ripped from an old rock’n’roll compilation, its warm, chaotic and I’m sure produced to sound like it was taken straight from a jukebox. 

Shannon & The Clams - ‘You Can Come Over’


NIGHT: The Long Lost

I love France. I’ve been about 3 times for I’d say collectively 72 hours.. Its not so much the visits that have fueled such a love its more the story I’ve created around it. I love the language, the music, the films and the general idea that they live in this cafe culture with all the cliches whilst Serge Gainsbourg subtlety whispers out the stereo. The Long Long are what I’d imagine I’d listen to whilst sipping my Jus d’orange.. ‘Amiss’ is a beautiful subtle but pokey jazz song with what I can only describe as ‘Rolph Harris Wobbles’ in the chorus. Enjoy Monsieur et Madamme.


I say the term ‘warms your ears’ a lot when describing music. This probably means nothing to most people but its meant to refer to music that is warm in tone, deep with layers and essentially a comfortable yet pleasing listen.. still got no idea? Thought so. Well listen to Milagres, for me it epitomises such a saying. Its beautifully steady, confidently tempoed at a pace that pulls you along, building up layers of warm keys and ranging vocal tones. The track is also up for a free download so I suggest you spend some time listening in a quiet room with some cake. 

Milagres - Glowing Mouth (Radio Edit)

Sorry no time for rubbish commentary or ponsy imagery but lovely held-back pop from from Holiday Shores with their track ‘Spells.’ Beautifully subtle.